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We offer a variety of vibrant and supportive groups designed to help you connect, grow, and thrive in you faith journey. 

There is a group for you.

At our church, we offer a variety of vibrant and supportive groups designed to help adults connect, grow, and thrive in their faith journey. All of these groups are hosted under the umbrella of "Embassy Groups," which encompass four main categories:

1. Growth Groups: These are designed to help you grow spiritually and personally. Whether you're a new Christian, going through a season of grief, or simply looking to deepen your understanding of the Bible, we have groups tailored to meet your needs. Examples include Grief Share, New Christian groups, "Make Embassy Your Home" classes, and various Bible Study Topic groups. We are continually developing new groups to address different areas of interest and need.

2. Interest Groups: Explore your passions and interests while building relationships with like-minded individuals. From Monday night basketball to monthly business leader prayer gatherings, men's and women's groups, and more, our Interest Groups offer a diverse range of opportunities for fellowship and growth. Don't see a group that aligns with your interests? Let us know, and we'll work together to develop new ones!

3. Life Groups: Experience the warmth and intimacy of community by joining one of our Life Groups. These small groups meet in people's homes, providing a comfortable setting for deeper discussions and connections. Guided by the themes and messages from our Sunday services, Life Groups offer a space to reflect, share, and grow together in faith.

4. Serve Groups: Engage in meaningful service and make a difference in the lives of others through our Serve Groups. These volunteer groups provide opportunities to serve both within our church community and beyond. Whether it's serving in a local outreach project, participating in a mission trip, or volunteering in various ministries, there's a place for you to use your gifts and talents to impact others positively.

No matter where you are on your journey, there's a place for you in our Embassy Groups. We invite you to explore, connect, and discover the joy of belonging to a supportive and caring community of faith.

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Our Groups are currently under development. If there is an empty Group section, please re-visit soon to find one that best suits you.

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Sonseekers (50+)

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The Bridge (40+)

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Tuesday Morning
Ladies Inspirations
Heart 4 Women
Kingdom Man
Thursday Morning Prayer
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